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The U.S. National Library of Medicine's Visible Human Project has produced high resolution (4096 x 2048 x 24 bits) cryosectional color images of human anatomy. The Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communications, an R&D division of the NLM, through its Communications Engineering Branch, has created a database for this image dataset as well as for 3D rendered images of anatomic objects created from cryosectional images (cross-sections or slices).
Viewing Options

Anatomic objects from the male chest area

The images are produced from the high resolution male cross-section images. To improve the transmission time, the images are JPEG compressed.

Cut-away views

Cut-away views of the front, side and top of the entire male body. Enlarged views from user selected areas are displayed in detailed windows.

Note: Tested on Internet Explorer 6.0 and Netscape 4.7 or above.

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Updated August 23, 2004