A. Header Block:

Offset Comments
00H(0) "VHIF"
04H(4) Version Number
06H(6) File Specifier
12H(16) Number of IOPs
13H(17) Undefined
17H(23) First IOP offset

B. Information Object Pointer (IOP): (Text Block)

Offset Comments
18H(24) Block type
19H(25) Element data type
1AH(26) Bytes per element
1BH(27) Elements per row
1DH(29) Number of rows
1FH(31) Image format
20H(32) Number of z planes
22H(34) X coordinate offset
24H(36) Y coordinate offset
26H(38) Z coordinate offset
28H(40) Text Block size
2CH(44) IOB offset

C. Information Object Pointer (IOP): (Label Table)

Offset Comments
30H(48) Block type
31H(49) Element data type
32H(50) Bytes per element
33H(51) Elements per row
35H(53) Number of rows
37H(55) Image format
38H(56) Number of z planes
3AH(58) X coordinate offset
3CH(60) Y coordinate offset
3EH(62) Z coordinate offset
40H(64) Undefined
44H(68) IOB offset

D. Information Object Pointer (IOP): (Coord Map)

Offset Comments
48H(72) Block type
49H(73) Element data type
4AH(74) Bytes per element
4BH(75) Elements per row
4DH(77) Number of rows
4FH(79) Image format
50H(80) Number of z planes
52H(82) X coordinate offset
54H(84) Y coordinate offset
56H(86) Z coordinate offset
58H(88) Undefined
5CH(92) IOB offset

E. Information Object Pointer (IOP): (Image Bitmap)

Offset Comments
60H(96) Block type
61H(97) Element data type
62H(98) Bytes per element
63H(99) Elements per row
65H(101) Number of rows
67H(103) Image format
68H(104) Number of z planes
6AH(106) X coordinate offset
6CH(108) Y coordinate offset
6EH(110) Z coordinate offset
70H(112) Undefined
74H(114) IOB offset