AnatLine is designed for high performance workstations and networks. Users with systems not meeting the recommended requirements may experience performance problems unrelated to the goals of the system.

The following detail recommended hardware, software and system configurations.


Unix and NT OS workstations are recommended with the following minimum persformance levels. Systems not meeting these recommendations may experience problems with the beta utility and display software.

PC Workstations

512MB CPU memory
Pentium I or equivalent

UNIX Workstations

512MB CPU memory
Sparc 10 or equivalent

Internet Browser

It is recommended that UNIX and NT user use the latest Netscape Communicator version 4.7 containing JDK1.1.5. Applet display problems may occur with other browsers.

AnatLine uses a Netscape VeriSign certificate to enable multiple file downloads. Users not wishing to accept this certificate, or who are not using Netscape must select and download files individually.

System/Browser Configurations

The above link provides additional browser and system configurations and links to upgrade the Netscape to an appropriate version.

Disk Storage Capacity

Disk storage capacity will restrict the number of files a user can download and process.

VOI files vary in size between 200MB to 1GB (9 volumes are stored)
Segmented Mask files contain compressed image masks (15 volumes are stored)
Cross Sections files are approximately 33MB each (411 planes are stored)
Rendered files vary from 1MB to 10MB (90 images are stored, images may increase)